Project Partnership

Backing a Quicken Trust project in the needy Ugandan village of Kabubbu is an exciting way to help transform lives in a practical way.

It’s a great alternative to a one-off donation – enabling the Partner to get more involved with life in the village but without the long-term commitment that goes with partnering a child or an elderly person.

Even a sum as little as £5, given regularly, can make a huge difference. That’s enough to contribute to a mosquito net which covers a bed at night and protects a sleeping child or adult from a bite that could cause malaria. Just think, over two years, your £5 a month could protect an entire school class from the disease which ravaged the village for generations.

It could also buy medicines helping to restore the health of a sick mother. Or tools for a villager growing food to support his or her family. You can discuss with Quicken which project you want to partner with. Here are three ideas:

Where Money is Most Needed

1. The Kabubbu Parish Health Centre

Your money will save lives. Donations to the Quicken Trust don’t cover the cost of the Health Centre. Like the NHS in the UK, it is expensive to run and costs keep rising. But it is loved and valued by the villagers. Partnering with the Health Centre could pay for drugs, bandages, staff costs, fuel for the ambulance. (Health Centre; Partner with a Nurse; Project Partnership)

2. The Foster Home

Your money could help provide a safe place for a child at risk of abuse at home. Domestic abuse is an issue in Kabubbu just as it is in the UK. Many wives and children have to endure domestic violence.

The foster home is a refuge for youngsters – a place which has already seen some turn their lives around. But most of the children there don’t have Partners. Your support for the project will help provide a safe environment and a brighter future for them. (Foster Care; ProjectPartnership)

3. The Community Centre

The “Jewel in the Crown” at the heart of Kabubbu. At the start of the century, there was just one shop in Kabubbu’s trading centre. Now the crossroad bustles with life. Quicken Trust has established a Community Centre there. It is also home to a Church, community groups, youth and leisure activities, and a great venue for education and training.

The main building is complete. Quicken Trust needs additional money to fit-out and equip the building. (Community Centre; Project Partnership)

We Can’t Do Everything!

The Quicken Trust has won respect and affection from supporters and relief agencies for the personal service organised between Partners and those that are being helped. As with everything else in life, the charity can’t promise everything will always run smoothly – but it will always do its best!