Higher Education

The Quicken Trust’s main aim has been to change the life chances of children – many of them orphans – trapped by poverty and disease in the Ugandan village of Kabubbu. A place at university was once an impossible dream. In 2011 students from Kabubbu with partnered support enrolled at university in the capital Kampala for the first time. Partnership has taken them from a rural backwater to the educational elite.  (Partner With a University Student)

Students from Kabubbu are studying for a BA or BSc in a range of subjects including Accounting and Finance, Education, Economics, Clinical Medicine and Computer Science. The students are attending a range of universities, including Makerere, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Africa. Others are on courses at Uganda Christian University and Bugema University.

All the courses selected could lead to employment and income generation. Students who benefit through partnership are asked to sign an agreement with the Kabubbu Development Project committing them to support Kabubbu after they finish their studies. This means they may be offered work at the KDP on reduced pay, for a short period, if their skills are needed. If there is no work available locally, they can look for a job elsewhere but are asked to give some of their salary to help a sibling through their education.

The Quicken Trust recognises that as Kabubbu develops, there will be growing need for highly-qualified personnel at management and director level so graduates will be needed. The charity’s hope is that orphans will return to fill such roles.  (Partner With a University Student)