Vocational Training

The Quicken Trust is transforming the lives of hundreds of people in Kabubbu – a village in Uganda ravaged by poverty and diseases such as malaria and AIDS. Once the villagers saw themselves as the “Forgotten People”.

Now, through partnership, children can complete primary and secondary education – and then learn vocational skills to benefit the community and earn themselves an income. (Partner With a Vocational Student)

Quicken recognises that not every child leaving the Trust High School is able to go on to higher education at university. So a vocational programme has been set up to train and develop skills. Over 80 students are regularly attending vocational training courses.

In 2018, Fonthill Foundation established the Kabubbu Vocational Training Centre saving students the cost of transport and living costs on top of their course fees. Kabubbu’s Vocational Centre delivers a range of courses in tailoring & sewing, hairdressing & beauty, nannying and IT & computing.  Not only does this provide an economic boost to the area, but young people have improved chances of long-term sustainable employment. In addition, the Centre provides employment for skilled trainers and teachers in the area. (Partner With a Vocational Student)

Some students travel to colleges or institutions nearby. Often Quicken will work with that institution to ensure the qualifications are fully certified and recognised. Among the places where Kabubbu students are enrolled are: Tiner International School of Beauty; Mengo School of Nursing and Midwifery; Gayaza Technical College; YMCA, Kampala; Lutere College and Lady Vallery College.  (Partner With a Vocational Student)

Current Courses

At present, Kabubbu vocational students are studying:

  • Tailoring & Sewing
  • Hairdressing & Beauty
  • Nannying
  • Furniture-making & general woodwork
  • Computer skills
  • Animal husbandry
  • Crop management
  • Car mechanics
  • Secretarial studies

There are plans to extend the list to include house building/bricklaying, wiring and plumbing.  (Partner With a Vocational Student)