Child Partnership

Hundreds of children in the Ugandan village of Kabubbu – once devastated by disease and poverty — now have a future – thanks to the Quicken Trust and its supporters. Starting at less than £1 a day you too can play a part in the transformation. Many Partners find it’s a life-changing experience for them too! (Watch: Gillian Ives video)

Quicken Trust encourages Partners to continue their support from nursery to the completion of further education. Quicken Trust regularly supports:

  • 230 children at the primary school @ £30 a month
  • 100 children at the Trust High School @ £50 a month
  • 90 young people in vocational education from £80 – £120 a month, depending on the course
  • 35 students at university or nursing school from £150 a month, depending on the course

In 2014 we were delighted to celebrate with 29 of the first 60 pupils who started in the primary school in 2002 as they graduated from university. These young people, who had ‘no hope’ for their future back in 2002, now given ‘great hope’ for their future.

Many of those children are orphans for whom education was once an impossible dream.

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How Partnership Changes Lives

Orphaned children in Kabubbu live with relatives. That is often an elderly grandmother with little resources to feed another mouth. Partnering with a child means basic living conditions improve. The children receive:

  • Two free meals every school day
  • A free education
  • A free uniform
  • Free primary health care
  • Partners often support the family too by donating to provide cooking utensils, beds, blankets and mosquito nets. Some have provided pit latrines and even new houses. (Shop)

Kabubbu Development Project staff have noted that many of the children succeeding in school have Partners who write to them regularly to encourage them and praise their performance – and also share some of their own family’s news. Many of the children who did best in GCSEs and A-levels had Partners who had visited them. (Primary education; Secondary education)

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How Partnership Transformed One Family

By Spring 2012, three sisters from Kabubbu aged 23, 20 and 19 were at university working towards careers that would have been impossible without the love and generosity of Partners in the UK.

  • Their mother had been HIV positive for a decade. Without support from Quicken and its supporters in funding treatment, she would have died
  • The family would have been homeless but for the support of a Quicken Partner who paid for a new two-room house
  • The eldest sister has suffered two nervous breakdowns. She would have abandoned education without the patience and love of a Partner who kept backing her – encouraging her to take A-levels. She later began training as a nurse

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How Partnered Children are Chosen

There are many children in Kabubbu waiting and hoping for a Partner. Priority is given to an orphan who has lost both parents, then to a child who has lost one parent, then to a child with both parents who are still alive and working hard to support the child but are destitute.

The children are selected by a committee of people from the village. A list is then passed to the Executive Director of the KDP, Enoch Kagoda, for final vetting.

Photographs are then sent to the UK for Quicken Trust to look for Partners. Once a partnership has been set up, the children wait to join the primary school at the start of the school year in February. Up to 30 children aged 4 to 8 join every year.

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The Partner’s Commitment – and Quicken’s

Each Partner backing a child in Kabubbu is asked to support the youngster right through their education. Pulling-out can have a devastating effect on the child and their chances for the future.

Partners make a monthly contribution by standing order or direct debit. It is also suggested that they write to the child and send a small Christmas present. A Partner’s interest and encouragement can make a huge difference to their child’s performance in school.

In return, the Quicken Trust will visit the child regularly; send a Home Study Report and a copy of the child’s annual school report. It will also send an individual or school photo. As a Quicken supporter, you will also receive two newsletters and other letters about your partnered child with additional information about the charity.

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