The Quicken Trust Guarantee

The Quicken Trust Guarantee on your donations

An attractive or a special part of the way that Quicken Trusts works is that every pound given to a child or a particular programme goes directly to that programme. Nothing is deducted, not a penny taken in costs, not a part diverted.

All money you donate for Child Sponsorship, Adopt-a-Granny or for any specifically defined project in Kabubbu is ‘ring-fenced’ and goes to Kabubbu in full; that’s 100% to the Kabubbu Development Project (KDP) our partner NGO in Kabubbu. There it is wisely used for its respective work, against defined budgets and with annual audited Financial Statements produced.

Other general donations for our work in Kabubbu will also be used in Kabubbu. Sometimes items for Kabubbu can be purchased in the UK at a lower cost than in Uganda, but that resource is used 100% in Kabubbu.

Additionally, Quicken Trust welcomes contributions towards our core administrative costs in the UK since the Gift Aid we receive from the Government isn’t enough to fund our small Herstmonceux office. We rely heavily on the kindness of individuals who have seen first-hand how, without our UK based staff costs being covered, the Ugandan operations would lose critical support.

All money you donate for UK specific purposes to cover core costs will be used in full to provide the resources needed in the UK to assist and prosper the work in Kabubbu. Without our UK core costs covered the work in Kabubbu cannot exist (details below). Please let us know if your donation is for UK administration use so that we can allocate it correctly. A vital resource.

The Gift Aid that QT can reclaim from HMRC (the taxman), where the donor authorises us to do so against their donation, is used to support the work of QT in the UK.  This income is reclaimed from HMRC against the donor’s previously paid Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax.  There is no additional cost to the donor.


“This is the finest example of rural development
I have ever seen or heard of in Uganda”

Rt Hon Edward Ssekandi, Vice-President of Uganda


Why can’t everything donated to QT be spent in Kabubbu? A great question with a simple answer:

Kabubbu needs a lot more than just cash in Uganda. In the UK it needs:

  • Grant applications from the UK for Kabubbu resources
  • Organising group visits to Kabubbu, including sorting, packing and tracking resources
  • Maintenance of all the sponsorship programmes
  • Organising transport for sponsor’s gifts to their Kabubbu Kid
  • Maintaining databases of information on individual and community recipients in Kabubbu
  • Writing newsletters, social media and other printed material
  • Sharing the story by engaging in speaking opportunities

… plus lots of other things like specialist services, management services, day-to-day management advice, accounts scrutiny and so on

In the UK we have just 4 ‘fulltime’ staff

Geoff & Geraldine have worked for the past 17 years as non-paid fulltime volunteers running QT and developing the work in Kabubbu through regular visits. QT also currently employs the equivalent of only 2 other full-time staff who receive a basic salary. These staff fulfil many of the above list and are paid from the received HMRC Gift Aid. We are thankful to a number of non-paid volunteers who also help with many aspects of work. Both Geoff & Geraldine and any staff (and trustees) who travel to Kabubbu to support the work there do so at their own cost. Many other volunteers – up to 100 each year – some in groups, also visit Kabubbu. All at their own cost.

In Kabubbu we have over 100 ‘fulltime’ staff

In 2000 there was one muddy stream supplying drinking water. Food was scarce. Parents were dying of AIDS, malaria and other tropical diseases. There were 400 orphans. Mothers and babies were dying in childbirth. Kabubbu was a place of death, destitution and disease. They called themselves the ‘Forgotten People’. In 17 years the community has been transformed – but there is more to do!

For developments like schools, health resources, welfare, counselling services and so on, there is a need for qualified professional staff. Not only does the KDP own and manage all the resources, but it has to employ over 100 fulltime competent staff.

QT, working with its partner the KDP since 2000, has resourced Kabubbu with:

  • Primary and Secondary schools educating 1,000+ pupils each year
  • 100 or so students in vocational training or at university each year
  • A Library & Adult Literacy Centre providing adults with life skills and training in a range of basic work skills
  • A Health Centre treating over 15,000 patients a year
  • 375 mums a year have a safe delivery and since 2011 the maternal mortality rate is nil
  • An AIDS Support Centre treating an additional 875 patients a month
  • An Operating Theatre dealing with simple and elective surgery
  • A Welfare Programme reaching 100 elderly (Adopt-a-Granny) and supplying essential resources to many impoverished families within the community
  • Counselling services to destitute and deprived children and abused adults, mainly women
  • 9 Boreholes and 250 bio-sand filters to provide clean water
  • A Church with up to 500 attending the weekly service plus several mid-week programmes
  • A Farming programme has trained more than 200 subsistence farmers in a new farming method producing a harvest up to 10 times the size usually achieved with traditional methods
  • A Resort Centre welcoming individual guests and organised groups visiting from the UK for the Kabubbu Experience, plus local organisations and groups using the quality resources on the site
  • Oh – and we can’t find any more orphans in Kabubbu because of the excellent health and welfare programmes – so we are working with a large number of truly destitute families to help their children have hope for their future.

… still lots to do to enable the community to generate its income and sustain the developments!


From September 2017 Geoff (age 70) and Geraldine (nearly 69) will slowly be stepping back from many of their UK admin responsibilities but will continue working in and with the KDP in Kabubbu.

Peter Everett has been appointed to become QT’s fulltime Operations & Development Manager to take on UK admin responsibilities. He is in his 40s, married with two children and is moving from Essex.

Can you help towards our core costs including Peter’s salary?

PS: If you are able to assist, and you can Gift Aid your donation, Quicken Trust can claim an extra 25% in Gift Aid from the taxman. For a GIFT AID form, please CLICK HERE.

Thank you.