Get Involved: Support Us in the UK

You can help the Quicken Trust achieve its ambition to transform the needy Ugandan village of Kabubbu without leaving the UK. Dozens of schools, churches and businesses are already involved.

These include: Samaritan’s Purse; British Council;  States of Guernsey; Graze; Rotary International;  Medlock Electrical Distributors. (Our Partners)

  • Child Partnership. You can help a child through school, providing it with free education, food and primary healthcare. It will change a life.
  • Student Partnership. Support Kabubbu’s young people through higher education or vocational training.
  • Elderly Partnership. Give dignity to an older person by providing food, free primary healthcare and paraffin.
  • Shop Quicken has a range of gift ideas – from mosquito nets to bikes, poultry farms and cows. Even a small gift can change a life in Kabubbu.
  • Fundraise. Organise your own event to raise money for Quicken Trust – such as a Chari-Tea Party or sponsored walk. Or forfeit gifts for your birthday and ask for donations instead.
  • Sign up for existing fundraising events such as the annual Brighton Marathon.
  • Become a QT Ambassador. Tell Quicken’s story. You could rally support at your church, among your friends and work colleagues. Keep them informed – and spread the word about the transformation in Kabubbu. (News; Newsletters)

We Can’t Do Everything!

The Quicken Trust has won respect and affection from supporters and relief agencies for the personal service organised between Partners and the child, member of staff or elderly person that is being helped. But the charity can’t promise everything will always run smoothly:

  • We can’t promise that a partnered student will succeed at school. They may fail exams, drop out or become pregnant.
  • We can pass money to a Kabubbu family via the Kabubbu Development Project for the purchase of essentials or livestock or fruit trees – and we will do our best to ensure they will be bought.
  • We can pass money to a tenant to enable him or her to buy the land title for a house – but we cannot guarantee they will do so. However, we have found alternative ways of ensuring that the KDP purchase on their behalf and pass on the title deeds.
  • Finally, please don’t send presents that need batteries – we cannot promise to replace batteries when they run out. Solar power or wind-up devices are longer lasting!