What is the Quicken Trust?

The Quicken Trust was founded as a registered charity by Geoff Booker in 1996. At that time tackling poverty and transforming lives in the rural Ugandan village of Kabubbu was not on the agenda.

Instead the aim of the Trust was to provide support to help the development of new charities based in the UK. The name was inspired by the old English word “quicken” meaning to give new life to others.

But, after Geoff and his wife Geraldine returned to Kabubbu in 2000, the focus changed. The Trust now concentrates entirely on working to help the villagers find a way out of poverty, destitution, disease and despair.

To reflect the change, the Trust re-registered with the Charity Commissioners in 2004. It also registered as a Trust Company Limited by Guarantee.

From the start, Quicken was underpinned by Geoff and Geraldine’s Christian faith. But preaching was never the main aim. As Geoff puts it: “We are inspired by the words of Francis of Assisi: ‘Wherever you go, preach the Gospel – and only if necessary, use words’. On every visit we share our experience of God in church. We also share our faith when asked by others who have experienced a miraculous provision or felt God’s love personally.”