“We first heard about Quicken Trust and Kabubbu about 12 years ago and decided to partner with Irene who was then about 10 years old. The following year we put our names down as volunteers to visit Kabubbu, known as the “little forgotten village”. We wanted to help in any way we could.

The time we spent in Kabubbu in a rural part of Uganda was indeed an ‘eye opener’. So many children had been orphaned because of Aids, Malaria and drinking contaminated water. They didn’t have basic needs of fresh water, medical help and education. Because Geoff and Geraldine Booker had ‘accidentally’ stumbled across this village and had decided to support the local people, we could see amazing changes taking place. The villagers now had fresh water because of a bore hole and an Infant/Junior School had been built. On our first visit we spent our volunteering time on a building site helping to build Kabubbu’s Foster Home.

We were also able to visit Irene, her mother, sister and brother. They lived in a type of outbuilding measuring about 6ft x 6ft. They slept on the earth floor and cooked on a small paraffin stove. After we returned home, we sent Quicken Trust a small amount of money and asked that mosquito nets and mattresses be bought for this family.

It was moving to see them using these when we returned.”

Then what happened…!? More from Peggy next week as she gets ‘stuck in!’ to creating a heart in Kabubbu.