Across nearly a year we’ve followed the perilous journey of Angel, hole-in-the-heart #KabubbuKid, to surgery. Would we? Wouldn’t we… be able to fundraise enough money to pay the £4,000 costs of surgery in India? Yes, India! Not available in Uganda.

Answer to prayer came at a QT Community Coffee Morning. Geraldine was talking on the topic of the Kabubbu Health Centre. It plays a vital role in ensuring children – and parents – stay healthy for school and work. The subject of Angel came up and her need for help. Miraculously, one very kind soul offered then and there to pay the full cost!

So imagine the shock of discovering that further fundraising would be needed to cover flights, accommodation for Angel’s mum and other unforeseen medical costs to save this little girl’s life…

I could have all ended there, but quietly confident and beavering away on the side-lines, were the Hillview School for Girls volunteers. Fundraising non-stop for #KabubbuKids, as all great volunteers do, in preparation for their trip to Kabubbu in July.

Volunteer in Kabubbu

Usually, fundraising money goes towards a development project in Kabubbu, so imagine their excitement and surprise at discovering that their money had instead contributed to saving Angel’s life! Saving her life and ensuring her a future. Awesome!

Volunteer in Kabubbu to make a difference