From O-Levels to A-Levels despite the childhood hardships, how did that happen?

“Madina was determined that she was going to make a great effort with her A-Level exams and we continued to write and encourage her every step of the way.

Over the years, we have written regularly to her and sent small parcels.  We always eagerly awaited her replies, waiting to hear the news from her end.  We would talk about our family and she would let us know what her family were doing.  We encouraged our young grandchildren to know what life was like in Kabubbu and they occasionally wrote or sent pictures they had drawn.

From Day One, we have kept scrapbooks of Madina’s letters and the Quicken Trust newsletters, so that we could follow her progress and also the progress in Kabubbu. On two occasions we sent a disposable camera for her to take pictures and send back to us to get developed.

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We have never visited Kabubbu but feel we have grown to love Madina over the distance and she calls us Mum and Dad.  It has been wonderful to see the little shy girl we saw in first pictures develop into a beautiful young lady (inside and out).  She is definitely part of our family.

We are so proud of her achievements as she was in the top 3 after her A Level results and three years ago got a place at Ndejje University in Kampala, studying Media and Communications.  At uni she has had two internships with TV companies and has been able to go out into the field and present her report (after the editor has looked it over). She’s in her final year and will graduate in October.

We are now planning to visit Kabubbu later this year and we are all excited at the prospect of finally meeting each other.”

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More news in October as Sue & Peter meet Madina for the first time…