In 2004 my husband Peter and I decided that we would like to partner with a child through the Quicken Trust.  We were asked if we would like to partner with a boy or a girl.  As we had one son we chose to partner with a girl.

Shortly after we received details of our new ‘daughter’ Madina. As she had no birth certificate her age was estimated to be about 8 years old. We learnt a few details about her, such as her favourite colour (blue), her favourite game (dodgeball) and her ambition to be a shopkeeper, together with a photograph.

Discover the Gift of Partnering with a Kabubbu Kid

At that time her mother was alive, but she was living and working in Kampala to pay for her two brothers’ education.  Madina was in the care of her Aunt Sarah who was married. Over the next few years, Sarah’s husband left so Sarah had to work to earn some money by breaking rocks in the quarry.

Madina went through Kabubbu primary school successfully and when Enoch Kagoda and his wife Lillian visited the UK, whilst he was head of the Primary School, he told us that Madina was a bright girl.

From Day One, we have kept scrapbooks of Madina’s letters and the Quicken Trust newsletters, so that we could follow her progress and that of her Kabubbu community. On two occasions we sent a disposable camera for her to take pictures and send back to us to get developed.

Sadly, her Aunt Sarah had a severe stroke which meant that Madina had to take on extra responsibilities. Despite this she took her O-Levels but was disappointed that she did not achieve the grades she had hoped for.  We thought she had done extremely well (all things considered) and congratulated her on her achievements.

So how did Madina get to Uni? We’ll be flagging the next part of Sue & Peter’s story on Facebook

More from Sue & Peter next week…

Partner with a Kabubbu Kid