News from Geoff in Kabubbu…

Remember Nicky Cruz and ‘The Cross and the Switchblade’, the story of New York gangs? Kabubbu has its own amazing story.

At the August overnight prayer meeting, with 400 people present, four came to faith – including the ‘Nicky Cruz’ of Kabubbu. Such was the impact on him of his changed life he is telling his story to his friends. Bringing them to church to find Jesus for themselves. Last Sunday one of his friends came with him!

Pastor Peter tells us 65% of the Kabubbu community is young people aged under 25.

There’s a great work to be done. Led by youth for youth. On Saturdays, at 4pm, they hold discussion groups relevant to youth with topics like dating, courtship, marriage, friendship, relationships, knowing Jesus, and sharing these with others. They hold a film outreach for youth every Sunday evening in the church with 70 – 100 attending. They’ve held meetings to plan further outreach through sports. Their numbers have doubled – an extra 40 since February.

20 men are keen to witness to others. These men have held meetings to find new ways to keep new men coming and joining the church. Men in Kabubbu, as in many churches in ‘the West’, are the missing ingredient. However, they all love a good meal, which they are planning – like Alpha Groups – to share the Gospel in a lively and relevant way.

The women are active too. They raise funds to support their activities – like an open market to sell some of their garden produce. Importantly, they are learning to give out. They use some of their funds to help women in the village with small medical bills, drugs and so on, as they share God’s love with them.

And for those of you who partner with a #KabubbuKid you’ll love this…

50 Kabubbu Kids meet in the church basement for Sunday School. Currently a hot and almost airless space. Helped by two new ladies, one a teacher, and the Scripture Union students, they divide into two age groups and make the most of their learning with exuberant singing, dancing and rapt, but lively, attention to the stories  of Jesus’ life and work…

The congregation has more than doubled in six months since its move from the dining hall of the secondary school, from 50 to 120. Many new to faith. 30 come to the weekly Tuesday prayer meeting.

However, it’s not all about numbers, the quantity of the congregation. It’s all about the quality of the congregation. All are encouraged to be disciples, living for Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit – each one telling out the good news of Jesus to the community.

Amidst all this joy there are challenges. Some local Pastors fear they will lose members of their congregations – their source of income. They exercise a dominance over their congregations and, often, their word is ‘law’. They control their people. They hold times of intense ‘prayer’ against the new church, seeking its downfall. How tragic is this – when parts of the body of Christ actively seek harm to other parts of the body? Please pray for them.

God has given His vision to the people of the Kabubbu Community Church:

  • to know and love Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour
  • to commit their lives into His hands
  • to hear from Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit and do as He guides them
  • to be His witnesses and share the love of Jesus to all of Kabubbu and beyond

Please pray for the Kabubbu Community Church, for its people, for the quality of their lives given to Jesus, for the power of the Holy Spirit to be with them, for their witness into Kabubbu and beyond.

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