Grace says the saloon has drawn her to many new people and transformed life for herself and husband Joseph….

Reaching year 2 at secondary school, it was Grace’s dream to do a certificate course in hairdressing. But how to achieve this without the money for the saloon?

Fortunately for Grace, QT’s development challenge volunteers were about to tackle the task! And how did their partnership start something dynamic for both themselves and Grace? They got creative with their £100 equivalent in Ug Shillings – 3 month’s rent on a room and some start-up equipment.

Grace says, “I am truly so grateful for the initial support I received, it was my driving force. I have personally gained confidence and my mind has been exposed and expanded to other developmental ideas since the development challenge.”

She now earns enough to pay for her saloon and has taken a half day job as a nursery teacher to top-up her income. Her fortunate sister (in the picture!) gets a chance to join in on those half days by covering her!

Her clients asked for jewellery, make-up and sandals, which Grace now stocks. She’s optimistic that her business will expand further. We think so too!

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