From Geraldine… A while ago we received this email from a lady who partners with a child in Kabubbu and it went something like this… “Can I bother you with something? I have been trying to find out if my little boy Bartholomew in Kabubbu needs extra help from me. He was doing well in school but then I noticed from his report that his results dipped, and in his letter I read about his changed home circumstances. If he needs extra help, I’m willing to pay for it, can you help me?” We then followed this up by email with staff in Kabubbu and received this response, “I happened to meet the mother of Bartholomew today. She said her son now lives with the grandma but she’s now too weak to manage him. Bartholomew is always in the trading centre watching films, even when he should be at school. Bartholomew was living with his mother but when she got re-married her new husband refused to have Bartholomew living there. His mother thinks it’s a blessing that the lady in the UK is willing to save her boy, so she’s happy for him to join the foster home”. For an extra £20 a month you could give a needy child some loving support in the foster home, or for £6 the child could have a new blanket or for £7, a malaria net. p.s. Partners, small reminder that your letters, parcels / gifts deadline is 28th June!