And how to embrace each other’s uniqueness this day of #culturaldiversity? Here’s Sharowa’s story…

Sharowa is progressing well in her studies and ‘can make short English sentences’. She passed maths with a good score at the end of year 3 at Kabubbu primary school too. It was all going so well until Sharowa lost her partner this month…

With one sibling and eight step-siblings, her parents Theresa and Sulait are hard-pressed to educate her. Sulait completed primary education, but Theresa never had the chance. They so hope Sharowa can continue.

Partner Sharowa through her education

Theresa tries her hardest to supplement Sulait’s contribution to the family by growing cassava, sweet potatoes, and beans. Theresa sells a few surplus sweet potatoes and cassava each year and from this she earns £15 a year. Despite gardening for neighbours and earning £3 per week, there’s no bed or mosquito net for Sharowa and her brother.

Theresa tells us that her happiest day was when the family got a two-room house which is just a ¼ mile from the primary school. Theresa joined the Seventh Day Adventist church in Kabubbu. She tells us she enjoys their teaching on honesty and family life.

On this day of #culturaldiversity can you help this hardworking, but poverty-stricken family by partnering Sharowa?

Partner a Kabubbu Kid