How many skipping songs did Padbury Primary School’s children skip through to fundraise for their Kabubbu Granny Annet?

Quite a few probably because they set themselves a big target to repair her leaking roof. Congratulations to the children – teachers & parents too – for raising an amazing £891.47! £775 from their sponsored skip alone! Phew!

When granny heard the news she was overjoyed.

Partner an elderly person

Grannies need the extra support that partners provide, simply because they can’t afford to replace things when they break down or wear out. Very often they are bringing-up their #KabubbuKid grandchildren whose parents have died. Imagine living with a hole in the roof too! Ouch!

Are you a teacher with a class of kids who’d be receptive to partnering with a Kabubbu Granny like Annet – or a #KabubbuKid?

Partner an elderly person now