Geraldine tells us Hasifah’s story…

“Hasifah is 30 years old and married. Before the Kabubbu Street Business School training began, she was misererable because she had no regular work or money to bring to her family. Sometimes she would cut grass with her panga for neighbours, but she could only earn about £4.50 a month from this activity. This was not enough for her and her children to survive on.

Then Hasifah joined the Street Business School training. First lesson, she realised she had to get out of her comfort zone and work hard to reach her dreams.

Hasifah started with just the equivalent of £1.05 – that’s all she had in the world to call her own. She began frying and selling cassava chips, made from a parsnip-like vegetable. Starting with door-to-door sales from a small plastic bucket, her money increased from £1.05 to £5.11!  Having learnt a thing or two about enterprise she developed three businesses. Sales of cassava chips, charcoal and tap water deliveries pushed her monthly earnings to an exciting £56 a month!

Hasifah has learnt to keep accounts so she now knows when she makes a profit or a loss. She  manages her expenses, so her household food bill has been trimmed by 89p per day!”

Hasifah says, “we now have peace at home because my husband is happy that I am helping to provide for the children.”

….and she has even gained some weight!

Happy Easter to Hasifah! Happy Easter to you…