How do you support a village with a single muddy stream, 400 barefoot orphans and no infrastructure to become the community & emerging economy of Kabubbu? Start with clean water, help for the orphans, a primary school and a health centre. Then what? Give volunteers a “life-changing experience” in Kabubbu – £100 equivalent to spend through the Development Challenge. A very real and thought-provoking “should we mend the hole in the roof or give them malaria nets and food?” Geoff & Geraldine speak on @hailshamfm about the holistic programme for sustained partnership of #KabubbuKids education. That, combined with infrastructure growth that now includes a health centre, primary, secondary schools and a vocational learning centre, lifting hundreds of children from a “sea of need” and their grandparents to dignity. Impossible without the unfailing commitment of donors, schools groups & individual volunteers travelling to Kabubbu, and fundraisers in the UK. And back at base near Hailsham, Sussex, and undaunted by the challenges, QT’s volunteers square-up to their latest fundraising projects – the 5,745 mile ‘Kabubbu Challenge’ involving the schools’ Daily Mile, and the plight of hole-in-the-heart child Angel. Here’s 20 minutes’ insight… Get involved: volunteer as a school group or individual, fundraise, donate, partner a Kabubbu Kid All thanks to: @neil_povey