…how does that feel?!? Well, QT has been in a constant process of evolving, changing and learning – creating a heart in Kabubbu – just like the #KabubbuKids you’re partnering. And, yes, it would seem the word sponsorship equates to one-off, short-term giving these days. Partnership means something more enduring and committed. Do you agree!?! We’d love to hear how you faithful and generous partners have been feeling about your partnership with your Kabubbu Kid. We think your relationship means a great deal to you, so could a few lines on our Facebook page – your story – touch another heart and create another enduring and committed partnership like yours? We think so! Here are the children still in need of support from partners. Help us to continue creating a heart in Kabubbu. Thank you. Please share this news. QT’s Facebook Page #KabubbuKids