Here’s a little taster from Geraldine of the good news about Kabubbu’s Street Business School. Our Spring newsletter is bursting with excitement! If you’re not signed-up to receive one, contact us here. “Maureen is 27. Her husband is not very supportive and so like many women she toils alone at home in Kabubbu. Maureen had a vegetable stall but wasn’t sure how much income she made from her business because she didn’t keep any records. She thought she made about £2.20 a week/£9.00 per month. Her household bills were £1.70 a week but by half way through the training Maureen had added sugarcane and banana fingers. And so her income increased. “She then bought a pregnant goat from the money she saved. By the end of the training she was rearing chicken, ducks and selling charcoal from reinvesting. Her monthly income earnings had increased to £213.00 and her daily household bills were reduced from £1.70 to £1.52. Maureen is now paying her children’s school fees without struggling and she has connected electricity to her home. As a result of the training, Maureen is now a competent business lady and making a profit and no longer worries if her husband will support her.” The electronic version is published on Monday Can you be a 30 second Kabubbu Ambassador and pass on your newsletter? To your GP surgery or dentist waiting room, or a school, or a club or society? Thank you! #KabubbuWomen