Quicken Trust’s first 20 years in Kabubbu, Uganda have been exciting, but certainly not vague!

30 years ago, today, Tim Berners-Lee, ‘Web Developer’ and founder of the WorldWide Web submitted a proposal to his boss. “Vague, but exciting”, was the response.

So many of you have seen the changes in Kabubbu since February 1999 – much made possible by the worldwide web and our connection to you. How much of QT’s regular connection to the Kabubbu Development Project would have been possible by letter?! or telex? or fax?!

Tim Berners-Lee still aspires to great things for the www despite his concerns – many productive & wholesome connections; some so very destructive.

When you partner a Kabubbu Kid through their years at school you create something wholesome for that child in a unique relationship through the exchange of beautifully low-tech letters and/or a volunteer visit to Kabubbu. You share understanding, tolerance, gratitude, wisdom and a love of learning. Your willingness to share your money, your experience, your time and your love, are transformative for that child. In Uganda, only 14% of students complete their education. In Kabubbu that figure is 89%! Helping in this way changes a life.

Partner A Kabubbu Kid

On a global scale you contribute to the planet’s sum-total of tolerance, social justice, sustainable development, compassion, dignity through your cultural exchange…

This Great Anniversaries Day(!), please commit to some growth – of a nourishing sort…

Thank you!

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Take a look at QT’s timeline to see how far this small East Sussex charity has come…  https://www.quickentrust.com/dev/?page_id=236

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We’re a small charity achieving big things because 100% of your donations & sponsorship monies reach Kabubbu Kids – that’s unique to QT. Please place your money where you can follow it…