It’s 8th March, it must be International Women’s Day! Whilst a furore rages in Kampala Uganda about the use of women in the country’s promotion of tourism, and another about its ‘Miss Curvy’ Pageant, Kabubbu women have continued their hardworking daily lives as the backbone of their rural Kabubbu community. Whether that’s toiling in the garden or field to sell some produce, feeding children on a few shillings or getting them to school, they’ve been busy – with little or no reward of the sort that we might hope for. So here’s celebrating all these beautiful #KabubbuWomen, and the #KabubbuGirls defying the odds to reach self-determination through education.  Happy Women’s Day 2019! Partner a Kabubbu Girl through school today p.s. #IWD2019 is not about which sex is superior – it’s about striking a #BalanceForBetter.