There were two tourists in Uganda who discovered a village full of destitute children. Even local people described the village as ‘forgotten’… No-one had had the heart to help, not even the local government, such as it was.

For World Book Day we remember how hundreds of barefoot children showed-up at a first meeting with Geoff & Geraldine on that first day of creating a heart in Kabubbu. How many kids had handled a book? How many surviving grandparents? Most existed in rags.

Today Quicken Trust continues to turn the pages in the Kabubbu story by encouraging a life-changing exchange of love, learning and diversity. Could you be the next person to partner a Kabubbu Kid through the ups and downs of school for just £1 a day?

How does that giving make a difference to a young life…?




Through your love, compassion, generosity…

In short, hope in abundance!

Support a poverty-stricken Kabubbu Kid to turn to a new page.

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ALL your money – yes, 100% – goes to Kabubbu Uganda to pay for the health & education of that #KabubbuKid.

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