What does she know that we don’t? Perhaps nothing… Perhaps she’s simply happy to enjoy her grandchildren. Or perhaps, having worked hard for most of a lifetime – in the quarry and on the land – Margret’s hoping for a pension. That would be good, but there’s no such thing as a weekly state pension for Grannie Margret – or anyone in Uganda. Sponsor a Grannie Margret needs a fresh food & paraffin ‘pension’. Can you help? For just £20 a month Margret can have eggs, milk, a little meat, sugar, salt, soap – and some fresh water from the borehole delivered to her home. How has life in Uganda changed since she was a child? She says, “Uganda today is more peaceful even though people are poor and there are no jobs, even for people who went to school. There’s a lot of jealousness.” Can you help Margret so she helps her two grandchildren too?