…that I contracted HIV/ AIDS while my mum gave birth to me

…it’s not my fault that my mum then died a few months later

…it’s not my fault that my Dad has now died and left me alone

…it’s not my fault that my relatives don’t want me now, but they don’t have money to feed their own kids…..

…it’s not my fault that the kind lady down the road can’t let me stay any longer, because I tried so hard to be good…..

…it’s not even my fault that I didn’t do well in school, it’s just that I’m so frightened that I can’t think straight there…..

…it’s not my fault that I’m sick and weak but I try to walk 3 miles to get my medicine, cos if I don’t have it I will die

…it’s not my fault I’m no longer in school now, I don’t have the £7.50 a week for fees, or that I can’t go to the new kind ‘mum’ nearby. She said she would love me, give me a bed, a blanket and a bowl of porridge twice a day


…but I can’t go there either because I don’t have £5 a week for my food, what shall I do?



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