John 10:10  ‘I have come that they may have life and have life in abundance….’

Little Harima has had his operation at Mengo Hospital and is recovering, and that’s all thanks to you for giving life to Kabubbu through baby Harima. This Christmas Eve our ‘Gift of Life’ Appeal is very close to the 360 boxes that the Kabubbu Health Centre needs for vital operations, malaria treatments, antibiotics and Maama Kits in 2019. Thank you all for giving life to Kabubbu in this meaningful way.

Your thoughts and prayers for a full recovery for Harima will be welcome across this critical phase for him.

We wish you all a very Happy Christmas – and thank you.

* * *

We’re a small charity that you can trust to feedback the outcome of your generosity. We achieve big things because 100% of your donations reach Kabubbu Kids – that’s unique to QT. This Christmas Eve please place your money where you can follow it – please donate to Quicken Trust.

Our Gift of Life Appeal

Thank you