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This weekend, the exciting news is that our Gift of Life Appeal ‘Health Boxes’ are stacked-up in Kabubbu’s Health Centre – there are now 323! That’s just 37 (£1,850) short of our target for vital operations, malaria treatments, antibiotics and Maama kits across the next year. So close!

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Devastation can be rapid where accidents or ill health strike a Kabubbu family. Imagine trying to pay for health care on a £1/day income when a malaria treatment costs the equivalent of £10… Sound impossible? Well, it truly is. For many people struggling on a subsistence existence, your donation can literally make the difference between life or death on their path to self-determination.

Give now to Kabubbu so we reach 360 boxes before Christmas

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We’re a small charity that you can trust to feedback the outcome of your generosity. We achieve big things because 100% of your donations reach Kabubbu Kids – that’s unique to QT. This Christmas please place your money where you can follow it – please donate to Quicken Trust.

Gift of Life Appeal