Your response to our ‘Gift of Life appeal’ now amounts to an exciting 204 ‘health boxes’ worth £50 each in support of the Kabubbu Health Centre. Thank you…

In case you missed our initial request here’s a brief summary.  We want to keep Kabubbu Kids – sponsored or unsponsored siblings – in school and their parents supporting them through work. If a child or parent becomes seriously ill, parents simply can’t pay for health care on subsistence level income. It can take ten days of meagre earnings to pay the equivalent of £10 for a course of malaria. Imagine the hopelessness when faced with this. Do you eat or do you pay for health care? Hope, vitality and potential wiped away in a stroke…

Donate to the Gift of Life Appeal Now

We want specifically to support hard-working Kabubbu people through vital operations, malaria treatments, antibiotics and Maama kits across the next year.

Thank you all for giving life to Kabubbu in this meaningful way. If you haven’t yet donated, can you spare a tenner?

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Can we get to 250 boxes before Christmas?

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We’re a small charity you can trust to feedback the outcome of your generosity. We achieve big things because 100% of your donations & sponsorship monies reach Kabubbu Kids – that’s unique to QT. During this last week before Christmas please place your money where you can follow it – sponsor a child or donate to Quicken Trust.

Thank you