Some of us may think nothing at all; some of us may resent even £8.80. For £1.20 more, however, you could be feeling a heartfelt glow having made a meaningful donation to our #KabubbuGiftofLife appeal this Christmas.

Why? Well, in Kabubbu there are no prescriptions, so a dose of antibiotics costs £10 and a malaria treatment also costs £10. If you’re earning the equivalent of £1 per day how do you pay for good health for your child? And feed that child? And pay school fees if they’re an unsponsored sibling of a sponsored Kabubbu Kid?

We’ve asked you to help, and you’ve responded brilliantly – 182 ‘Health Boxes’ are now stacked up for Kabubbu Health Centre next year. That’s HALF our target!  Thank you to all.

Please continue to donate generously, thank you

Can we make that 250 boxes?!?

* * *

We’re a small charity achieving big things! 100% of your donations and sponsorship monies reach Kabubbu Kids – that’s unique to Quicken Trust. If you’re giving to charity this week please place your money where you can follow it – sponsor a child or donate to our ‘Gift of Life’ appeal this Christmas.

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#KabubbuGiftofLife Appeal