News from Geoff…

Enoch Kagoda in Kabubbu has sent a message:

“Construction is going on steadily and the roofing is going on. Welding the metals and putting in holes for bolts, plus painting, all takes time. Looking for a crane that can lift the rafters onto the building roof has taken some time. However, as welding was going on, plastering the walls was done and now 3/4 of the walls are plastered.”

“This week, they are finishing fixing the rails across the rafters and then putting on the iron sheets is likely to be done next week. Fixing the ‘pompey’ (special bricks to assist ventilation) in the spaces has also started. So what I told you, that we would have roofed by November, will be fulfilled.”

This means our November visit will include a Dedication Service. It will be held in a ‘build in progress’ but will dedicate the building for God’s glory and to impact lives throughout the area.
Special thanks to all who have assisted the process so far with their wonderful gifts and donations. We trust in God for the remaining funding needed.

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