Imagine you’re the parent of #KabubbuKid, Angel, with a scary and life-threatening hole-in-the-heart condition needing urgent attention. Would you think twice about getting treatment? You would, on a Kabubbu wage of £1/day. Eat – or treat?

This Christmas we want to give ‘A Gift of Life’ to families at Kabubbu’s Health Centre – specifically, antibiotics, maternity support, malaria treatments & funding for essential ops. We want to fill 360 ‘Health Boxes’ and raise £18,000. Whether you donate £10, £25, £50 or £100, you’ll be helping to fill a ‘Health Box’ – or more.

Can you help us turn that ‘so you can’t’ into a ‘yes you can’?

£10 gives 10 courses of antibiotics or a malaria treatment

£25 gives a ‘Maama Kit’ for a good birth

£50 fills one ‘Health Box’ with a combination of the above

£100 gives significantly to a surgical op: a hernia op is £50 (7 weeks’ wages), a caesarean £150

Angel’s condition is commonly resolved in the UK; in Uganda, only the rich can afford treatment. Please donate now.

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Thank you!