Actually, in this case, the girls don’t have it…

News from Allison Caffyn, Quicken Trust’s Sponsorship Administrator.

These six girls for various reasons no longer have sponsors.  They’ve been at Trust High School working hard so this is a tough twist to their young lives.

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When you sponsor a Kabubbu Kid you don’t just pay for their education you give them hope for the future.  And if you write to your child you have the opportunity for a relationship which will benefit both of your lives.  These girls would love to have that relationship with you, to learn from you and be guided by you.  Here they are…

Clare is 16 years old and in the first year of secondary education.  Her dad died from AIDS and her mum struggles to make a living.

Ritah is 16 years old and in the third year of Trust High School.  She comes from a big family but her parents believe education to be important.

Betty is 15 years old but her mum finds it hard to pay for her education.  A sponsor would make all the difference for Betty.

Harriet is 16 years old and in the third year of secondary education.  Her dad died suddenly at Christmas after a horrific accident.

Teopista is about 18 years old and in her third year.  Her older sister is doing whatever menial work she can do to pay for Teopista to stay at Trust High School because she wants Teopista to have the opportunity she didn’t have.

Fatia is about 16 years old and in her fourth year at secondary school so she’ll be taking her O levels at the end of the year.  It would give her a huge boost to know there is someone who wants her to succeed.

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