An Uplands Community College blog from volunteers Alice, Tallulah & Jack…

We woke up on our first morning in Uganda with the birds singing and the crickets clicking. We all jumped out of bed and went down to breakfast. We all sat down grinning and wrapped up in our hoodies as the rain was not extremely warm. Now all ready we headed to the church area for a meeting to practice our assembly.

Afterwards, we all headed out on a tour of Kabubbu. Our first stop was the primary school, and everyone was so excited to finally meet the kids. The headteacher greeted us with a wide smile and toured us around. After entering the first classroom, which was full of lots of smiling kids, we were welcomed by a loud greeting. Both Alice and I got very teary as we were simply so overwhelmed by the fact we were finally here. After the school, we went on to the health centre.

We were all so impressed by it as it was very, very nice. We met a baby that had been born the night before and was truly the sweetest baby ever! Afterwards we went to the high school.

The kids were so lovely, and the building was very nice. The toured us around and we saw the chemistry room, the library, the computer room and the dorm rooms. We then headed to the new vocational centre. A new programme where they are teaching hairdressing, IT, cooking and sewing.  We then headed back to the resort for lunch.

Afterwards groups 1 and 3 headed out on the development challenge. We both met our families and asked our questions. We were assigned a family of 8 who live in a one roomed house and they only have £5 a week to spread between the 8 of them. We then offered to carry their Jerry cans and gather the water for them to see what it was like. The boys (Finn, Ollie and Max) all held the can between them and Alice and I both opted for the smaller one to share. After arriving back, we gave our gifts to our family. The mother was so grateful and thanked us with a big smile. We said our goodbyes and headed back to the resort.

While group 1 and 3 were visiting their development challenge families, groups 2 and 4 were teaching their literacy session. Our topic was buying and selling so we told the kids a story called “Handas Surprise”. It involved a range of different fruits and animals which was a key part of the activities they took part in. Jack, Freddie and George for example were going through the book and getting the children to spot out different fruits and animals in the book. They asked the children what their favourite fruit and animals were, which created a nice relationship between the students and kids as they got to know each other on a bit more of a personal level. Mango was the favourite!

Afterwards we went over to the primary school and met tons of happy kids who were very interested in our phones. After meeting them all and repeating my name at least 20 times we headed back over to rest. We chilled out in the evening and then came down for dinner. Was a very very good first day.