From Emily Leader…

We landed at Entebbe airport at 13:30. Lots of excitement as we were finally in Uganda. The visa process took a little longer than expected, but the kids were very efficient at getting the luggage off the conveyer belt. The adults were slightly less efficient at counting the suitcases. Eventually we realised we were missing one suitcase – it was nowhere to be found!   Reporting the bag missing was another lengthy process, and two hours after landing we were finally ready to leave.  As we walked through the door we were told by two rather laid-back security guards that all the luggage needed to go through the X-ray machine again!  Ouch!

Loading up the minibus, we met some of the wonderful Kabubbu staff and begun the final leg of our journey to Kabubbu.  The students were incredibly excited shouting at the windows at chickens, waving at children and amazed at the very unfamiliar sights.

Then we turned off the main highway onto a dirt road and all suddenly went quiet. The journey became bumpier, and the students more apprehensive.  As we approached the community, John, one of the resort managers, described the markets, the schools, the health centre.  As soon as we started seeing the primary school children, the students could not contain their excitement. They were all absolutely buzzing!

We unloaded the coaches, had dinner and an early night after our epic journey.