Resty and Faridah attended a programme of hands-on business modules to be taught to people living in poverty – simplicity and sustainability being the way forward.  So Resty in Welfare and Faridah who works for Enoch at Kabubbu Development Project now have business training skills to support and galvanise local women to become entrepreneurial!

Awareness-raising for the first session for village women in August, coaches Faridah and Resty tell us: “On 26th June a granny gathering was done, 30 elders attended, and we talked about Street Business School.”

Geraldine adds, “This ‘immersion workshop’ cost $7,000 ($3,500 each) but Enoch managed to get a grant. The workshop lasted 5 days, and there were only 9 delegates. Developing a business was the topic but it involved a range of skills including using the simplest of resources to start with – so maybe two bananas from your garden or selling your second-hand dress.  Simple approaches to all-important business processes also featured strongly. Because of the small number of delegates, Resty and Faridah were closely monitored as the course developed and had time to practice their skills.”

Resty and Faridah will pass their learning on to Kabubbu women and are promoting the invitation with huge energy and excitement. Their main message: “You have everything. You don’t have to wait for money, you can use any resources, you can start right now!”

Stay tuned for the unfolding story!

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