News from Geoff in Kabubbu…

Exceptional rains have caused at least a 3-month delay in our opening date – now due in Spring 2019.

For the last 3 months, there have been periods of exceptional rains that weren’t due – people blame climate change. It has delayed harvests (grain too wet) and planting for the next season (last harvest not gathered in).

Rain also delays building projects. When it rains, concrete can’t be poured into place because the rain will mess it up – weaken it. That’s what’s happened to the Church build in Kabubbu.

Foundations were on time. But the main concrete floor slab and reinforced pillars faced big delays. Work has gone on between the downpours. The floor slab is now down and the walls are now up. But the reinforced concrete layer on top of the walls, to hold the main steel roof supports, has yet to be put in place.

What does all this mean? Delays in the eventual opening date. Possibly by three – or more – months depending on future rainy periods. It’s hoped to have the roof in place in the next month or so. This’ll make the rest of the build easier as most of it can then be done in the dry.

We can cope with showers of blessing but not rains of ‘elephants & hippos’ – like our ‘cats & dogs’ but much, much heavier!

We’ll keep you posted.

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