Here’s to the next 900 – and more – this #NationalBestFriendsDay!

Thank you to all our followers – all awareness-raising helps create a heart in Kabubbu and encourages sponsorship.  Every sponsored child has an opportunity to rise above poverty, destitution and injustice, and we need you to be the next best friend to a #KabubbuKid.

Here’s Immaculate…

Can you help?

Immaculate is 9 years old and in school. But only just. Her mum’s tenacity and hard work somehow keep her there.  Immaculate loves her English lessons and really hopes that one day she can be a nurse.  Yes, another child dreaming of nursing…!  (The range of jobs is small in Kabubbu)

Can you get behind Immaculate to help her reach her dream, whatever that might be in a few years’ time?

Can you be there to relieve the burden just a little bit for mum?

For £30 a month you can give Immaculate the education she needs, two meals a day, healthcare and a school uniform.   That’s how many coffees?

Call Allison on 01323 832361 or email

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