An update from Geraldine and Allison this #InternationalChildrensDay

Just over a year ago, we told the story of Tukahirwa, a young boy of 6 years in Uganda who was badly burnt when his parents were sold paraffin that had been mixed with petrol.   When Nurse Susan heard his story and how his parents had sold everything they owned to pay for his treatment she wanted us to step in and help them.

Kabubbu’s Health Centre

That is just what Quicken Trust did with your help.  Thanks to you we raised the money needed for the first operations needed to make sure Tukahirwa would not only survive, but live with some quality of life.

It has been a very difficult time for Tukahirwa.  His parents’ marriage did not survive the trauma, so his mum moved him and his siblings to live near her family outside Entebbe.

However, since first telling of Tukahirwa’s horrific experience donors have continued to support his operations.  We now have donations of £200 towards the £441 needed for the next one in July.  Hopefully, this will release the contractures on his neck so he can move his head from side to side more easily.

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Though this op is delayed from May, in Africa people are used to waiting. They rarely grumble. They always have hope and believe they will eventually get what they need because their faith is rooted in a God who never fails to supply all our needs.

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