Some thoughts from Geraldine…

One of our March Facebook stories featured Stephen who was desperate to study to be a doctor.  He had good A-level results but not quite enough points to ensure he was awarded a government scholarship for university. Stephen had funded himself through school but knew he could not possibly earn enough for this next step.

Last week a Quicken Trust friend on his 5th visit to Africa made a short diversion from Nairobi to Kabubbu.  ‘Short’ is a one-hour flight + 3 hours on the road!  Some of our donors and sponsors are passionate about revisiting the place.

While in Kabubbu for two nights he asked to meet Stephen and agreed to sponsor his five-year medicine degree.  That’s a whopping £170 x 12 months x 5 years = £10,200!  Some sponsors prefer this short-term commitment of three to five years to support a student in university, while they are earning the money, rather than the long-term sponsorship of a primary school Kabubbu Kid.

So many doctors in Africa are lured to care for patients in the West, while Africa continues to languish with few doctors.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Stephen becomes our first Kabubbu doctor and joins the Kabubbu Health Centre team with nurse Susan? Let’s hope so.


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