It’s not an easy life when your mum has abandoned you and your father wants little to do with you.  Sadly, this is a common situation in Uganda – particularly for #KabubbuKids

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Fortunately for 10 year-old Shirat, granny Jane cares and is doing her best.  She’s a peasant farmer so finding enough to live on is hard enough without paying school fees.  Shirat needs sponsorship if she’s to achieve her dream of being a nurse one day.

Shirat’s last school report shows that she does well in her literacy lessons and is progressing in maths.  But alongside regular attendance at school she also needs the support and encouragement of a sponsor.  Can you support Shirat to turn her life around?

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Teopista’s sister is paying her school fees by taking on petty jobs, but she cannot afford to pay any longer.  Could you find £30 a month to help Teopista?

Winnie lives with her four siblings and parents Prossy and Matayo who are hard-working farmers with little to spare for education.  She is just six years old and wanting to learn.  Could you support her primary education?

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