Geraldine challenged all gathered at our June coffee morning to double-check what they know about their chosen charity/ies.  What makes a great charity?

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She referenced Caroline Fienne’s book which has the subtitle ‘Making Charitable Donations That Get Results’.

Caroline taught in a small school with 40 registered children aged 3-11 years.  Everyday 20-30 children arrived at school, but the classroom was never full.  Some children watched and wanted to come but didn’t.  The charity completed some research.  Was it the lack of transport or school uniform, or the parents needing the children in the field?  No.  It was worms…

No-one at our coffee morning guessed worms, yet 1 in 4 children worldwide have worms. It causes lethargy and pain.  So some charities would pay parents to send kids to school, and provide a uniform, but would they notice the poor attendance or make the research necessary to know that the solution is worm tablets?  The fact is that a £100 donation directed to medication helps 25 times more kids go to school than buying uniforms or giving money to parents!  Would your chosen charity give you that context so you can choose wisely how to donate?

Or would they give you the awful images of neglected donkey or abused child, but not have the powerful solutions?  Do they even monitor what’s going on and evaluate whether it’s effective – then tell you?

Geraldine gave examples of what has worked well for Kabubbu – schools, sponsorship, health & welfare – and some instances of where cultural differences, wrong expectations, limited education, and inability to follow instructions, have led to things going wrong.   Quicken Trust can monitor what’s happening and follow-through quickly; we know our limitations and so avoid waste.

Uniquely, Quicken Trust is able to pay great attention to the detail – share exam results, account for money spent on individual children and families, ensure the letters and gifts you send reach the child or grannie; ensure their letters reach you.

Geraldine shared the Bible story of the 5 Loaves & 2 Fishes – Luke 9 – as an example of the abundance which follows faith in the face of an impossible task.  Where there’s faith in the outcome, where the contribution really matters and is directed carefully, miracles happen!

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Allison, our Child & General Sponsorship Administrator, has just visited Kabubbu for the first time – hear her news and see the photos.

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