News from Sue and Peter concerning their sponsorship of Madina:

“Madina has an internship for 3 months with ABS Television Uganda.  We are so thrilled for her – she’s being rewarded for the tremendous effort she’s put into her education.  She was excited to hear that you have been following her progress with interest and sent me the following last Monday.”

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“I started an internship on Monday. We started with camera parts and learnt more about lenses, aperture, focal point, zoom in and out and many other parts of the camera as we touched and practised what we were learning about in the process. The next day we were taken to a studio and saw how voices are made, how presenters prepare themselves for the camera, what is in the control room and felt how good the studio is, we acted in a film but it was in local language but we will continue doing this up to the end of the internship. This system runs for two consecutive months. I was so impressed to be in a studio and watch presenters live-broadcasting. I thank the Almighty God for that. In control room, there are lots of gadgets used by a producer to come up with a programme or make the subject look nice.  I’m still learning more and more, and I know by the time I finish I would have captured each and everything.”

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