Somewhat earlier than anticipated, a further instalment in our Kabubbu Chronicle from Keren Payne…

Twenty long hours later we arrived at Entebbe airport to be met by Godfrey and the Trust High School minibus. With a squash and a squeeze, together with our 20 suitcases and additional rucksacks, we set off on the bone-shaking journey to Kabubbu – the state of the roads making the journey much longer. First impressions were how green the landscape was and how colourful the many beds and sofas for sale by the roadside were! When we finally entered the village, we were greeted by the friendly smiles and waves from the villagers, obviously very happy to welcome us, a trait that continued all the time we were there.

There was so much to take in in those first few hours in the village – how incredible the little tourist resort was; the charming uniqueness of our bandas; the sounds of the diverse birdlife; the wonder that is Doreen; the climate and most of all, finally being in Kabubbu after many years of dreaming!

Nothing can quite prepare you for the poverty that is so visible, but this is counter-balanced by the happiness shining from the villagers’ faces. The rest of the world could learn so much from these people.

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Sunday morning was one of my best experiences – sharing worship with the community. I am not a religious person, but the sense of well-being and love that was conveyed to me that morning was incredible. It made me see another side of life that maybe only a few people can identify with. Sunday school gave me another unique opportunity – to be entrusted with looking after a mother’s baby whilst she helped with the activity. This was so special to me as I had left behind my premature grandson in an incubator with no possibility of giving his Nana a cuddle before I embarked on this journey. The mother must have seen something within me and I will always be indebted to her for her intuition. The tour of the village really showed us what daily life in Kabubbu was like, but also gave us the opportunity to see the miracles that Geoff and Geraldine have performed. The tireless work and devotion that they have given to this community leaves me lost for words.

Monday morning brought forth the sound of the water pump in the grounds of the primary school directly behind our banda. The pumping begins at around 6.30am! Coupled with some unique bird sounds this made the best alarm clock and, indeed, set me off into a fit of the giggles. A big thank you must go to our neighbour, Christine, who talked us through the various birds and their songs and prevented my vivid imagination from running riot!

To be continued next Wednesday….

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