Here’s Claire before sponsorship of her education – and then at Trust High School. To progress to THS she got her best exam result in maths, and her English and science marks were not far behind. The sad thing is that Claire’s sponsor died just after she started in her first year of secondary school. How devastating for her…

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Claire has older siblings and her mother Olivia has had to resort in the past to brewing her own form of potent alcoholic drinks to sell locally – with all its consequent undesirable effects… Could you be the next sponsor of Claire to ensure this cycle of hardship is not repeated and to encourage her to do well in her studies?

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Joan lives with her mum, Rehema, as her dad is described as “mentally ill” (which can have a wide range of meanings in Uganda). She and her four siblings live in a one-roomed house with mum. To pay her food, rent and schooling mum does casual labouring wherever she can. This means the family live a hand-to-mouth existence, never too sure where the next meal is coming from. Despite this, Rehema has made sure that Joan has attended school regularly.

Sponsorship for Joan would relieve the burden for Rehema as she’d no longer have to worry about paying for Joan’s school fees and would know that Joan is getting two good meals a day.

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Edrisa may have lost both his parents and have one dodgy eye, but he is a very lucky lad as he now lives with his smiley granny Veronica. As a very responsible great-granny in her mid-60’s, she wants to make sure her six grandchildren make the most of their education and become responsible for their lives too. The only way she can earn money to support them is casual labouring and making hand-woven mats.

Edrisa at 11 years old needs a sponsor who can give him the security of a regular education. Part-time is not good. Encouraging letters from a sponsor would help him to try a bit harder at school and become the mechanic he dreams of being. He’s a good mid-level student, but who knows how much better he’d do with your support?

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